2nd d-fine Open University Rapid Chess Tournament

Saturday, October 16, 2021, 12 p.m.
MARITIM proArte Hotel, Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin
Who may
Students, registered doctoral students, professors and lecturers as well as all other full-time employees of a German university

Time Control
15 minutes per game plus 5 seconds increment per move
7 rounds SWISS
Rank 1 to 3: 300,00 € / 200,00 € / 100,00 €
Rank 4 to 10: non-cash prizes
Best placed player (f/m) of a Berlin university: 100,00 € (no double prizes)

Cancellations are possible via e-mail to Mr. Bernhard Riess: br@fvschach.de until October 16, 2021, 10:00 am. Only this timely cancellation will result in a refund of the entry fee, otherwise the entry fee will not be refunded.

© Johannes Winkler

Final table after 7 rounds

Rg.NameEloLand1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPkt. Wtg1  Wtg2  Wtg3 
1FMSchmidek,Emil2385GER 15s1 13w1 18s1 2w1 6s½ 3w1 4s½6,034,5211,55
2FMSawlin,Leonid2409GER 37w1 29s1 11w½ 1s0 32w1 9s1 6w15,530,5210,55
3FMVoege,Tobias2292GER 32w½ 33s1 14w1 9s1 11w1 1s0 19w15,530,5207,05
4Donath,Johann2090GER 12s0 40w1 35s1 15w1 18s1 21w1 1w½5,529,0197,55
5FMChatzidakis,Mihail2358GRE 20w0 23s1 22w1 29s½ 14w1 16s1 11w15,529,0193,05
6FMFlorstedt,Johannes2351GER 36s1 8w1 9s½ 12w1 1w½ 7s1 2s05,034,0202,04
7Raich Armendariz,Luis Adrian1960ESP 10w0 39s1 51w1 19s1 17w1 6w0 21s15,027,0198,05
8Huth,Kevin1997GER 28w1 6s0 10w0 27s1 52w1 39s1 23w15,026,5188,05
9Pietzsch,Manuel2137GER 26w1 10s1 6w½ 3w0 30s1 2w0 31s14,531,5204,04
10Guesmi,Khaled1559TUN 7s1 9w0 8s1 18w0 22w1 24s1 15s½4,531,0193,04
11Modler,Andreas,Dr.2216GER 58s1 31w1 2s½ 21w1 3s0 13w1 5s04,530,5198,04
12Eysmont,Julian1661POL 4w1 17s1 19w½ 6s0 16w0 51s1 29w14,529,5201,54
13Cech,Tim2020GER 35w1 1s0 28w1 17s½ 24w1 11s0 38w14,529,5186,04
14Wadepfuhl,Jeremy1717GER 19w½ 32s1 3s0 44w1 5s0 36w1 34s14,528,5184,54
15Torzinski,Nils1870GER 1w0 52s1 59w1 4s0 38w1 42s1 10w½4,527,5189,04
16Bender,Leon1997GER 31s0 55w1 30s½ 25w1 12s1 5w0 33s14,527,0183,04
17Noetzel,Felix2252GER 41s1 12w0 26s1 13w½ 7s0 53w1 30s14,527,0182,54
18FMSchulz,Michael2221GER 22w1 20s1 1w0 10s1 4w0 23s0 39w14,030,5197,54
19Tscheuschner,Georg2107GER 14s½ 34w1 12s½ 7w0 58s1 40w1 3s04,028,0191,53
20Lippert,Daniel1867GER 5s1 18w0 21s0 26w1 33s0 52s1 42w14,026,0184,54
21Carmesin,Leon Lucas Finn1536GER 65w1 54s1 20w1 11s0 29w1 4s0 7w04,025,5178,54
22Zesewitz,Maik1766GER 18s0 48w1 5s0 53w1 10s0 43w1 45s14,025,5174,04
23Dietz,Iwan1439GER 60s1 5w0 43s0 56w1 44s1 18w1 8s04,025,0169,54
24Prashant,Dangwal0 25s1 58w1 34s0 40w1 13s0 10w0 47w14,024,5180,54
25Cremer,Lukas0 24w0 49s1 54w1 16s0 27w1 29s0 41w14,024,0167,54
26Wolff,Marie Antoinette1758GER 9s0 45w1 17w0 20s0 54w1 60s1 48w14,023,5164,54
27Schneider,Marc0 61s1 30w0 42s1 8w0 25s0 59w1 40s14,023,0167,54
28Schmidt,Sandra1616GER 8s0 44w1 13s0 58w0 57s1 49w1 46s14,022,5159,04
29Zitzelsberger,Philipp1995GER 30s1 2w0 31s1 5w½ 21s0 25w1 12s03,530,5193,03
30Breit,Julian1585 29w0 27s1 16w½ 59s1 9w0 32s1 17w03,527,5189,53
31Kinski,Andreas1649GER 16w1 11s0 29w0 41w1 34s½ 37s1 9w03,527,0191,03
32Alcer,Fabian1820GER 3s½ 14w0 53s1 43w1 2s0 30w0 51s13,527,0187,03
33Boehmer,Kimon1681GER 34s½ 3w0 37w1 51s½ 20w1 38s½ 16w03,527,0179,02
34Missbach,Bernd2103GER 33w½ 19s0 24w1 52s½ 31w½ 35s1 14w03,525,0186,02
35Vesely,Martin1657GER 13s0 46w1 4w0 36s½ 59w+ 34w0 53s13,525,0171,03
36Janak,Josef1855CZE 6w0 51s0 61w1 35w½ 43s1 14s0 52w13,522,5180,03
37Andreadakis,Kai1905GER 2s0 53w½ 33s0 48s1 51w1 31w0 58s13,522,5177,03
38Hoffmann,Andreas0GER 40s0 63w1 55s1 39w1 15s0 33w½ 13s03,522,0170,03
39Albrecht,Constantin1399GER 66w+ 7w0 46s1 38s0 50w1 8w0 18s03,026,5159,53
40Roberts,Ashley1454GER 38w1 4s0 60w1 24s0 61w1 19s0 27w03,025,0165,53
41Al-Azzawi,Muhammed1772GER 17w0 59s0 48w1 31s0 46s1 50w1 25s03,024,0156,53
42Berges,Lucas0 46s0 66w+ 27w0 60s1 45w1 15w0 20s03,023,0155,53
43Kuhn,Max0GER 52w0 50s1 23w1 32s0 36w0 22s0 62w13,022,5159,03
44Schüttig,Clemens0 50w1 28s0 62w1 14s0 23w0 47s0 60w13,022,5150,03
45Herrera Mendez,Juan0 47w1 26s0 58s0 55w1 42s0 57w1 22w03,020,5152,53
46Mißbach, Leonard0 42w1 35s0 39w0 47s1 41w0 61s1 28w03,020,0159,03
47Wagener,Martin1496GER 45s0 60w0 57s1 46w0 56s1 44w1 24s03,020,0141,53
48Gittel,Benjamin0 62w1 22s0 41s0 37w0 64s1 58w1 26s03,019,0156,03
49Linke,Matthias0 55s0 25w0 50w0 -1 62s1 28s0 61w13,019,0134,03
50Fricke,Felix0 44s0 43w0 49s1 64w1 39s0 41s0 63w13,016,0147,53
51Ehrig,Lukas0 56s1 36w1 7s0 33w½ 37s0 12w0 32w02,526,0173,02
52Schepers,Luca1155GER 43s1 15w0 56s1 34w½ 8s0 20w0 36s02,526,0167,52
53Ehser,Dominik0 64w1 37s½ 32w0 22s0 55w1 17s0 35w02,521,5163,52
54Wegner,Edward0 57s1 21w0 25s0 62w½ 26s0 56w0 65s12,519,5139,02
55Geisen,Gunther1107 49w1 16s0 38w0 45s0 53s0 64w1 56s½2,519,0145,02
56Protze,Valentin0 51w0 65s1 52w0 23s0 47w0 54s1 55w½2,517,5151,52
57Filippi,Michael0 54w0 62s½ 47w0 65s1 28w0 45s0 64s12,515,5133,02
58Stieler,Sebastian1758GER 11w0 24s0 45w1 28s1 19w0 48s0 37w02,026,0167,52
59Faisal,Shah0PAK 63s1 41w1 15s0 30w0 35s- 27s0 -02,023,5142,52
60Khajinskii,Nathan0GER 23w0 47s1 40s0 42w0 63s1 26w0 44s02,021,0154,52
61Fanslau,Thomas0GER 27w0 64s1 36s0 63w1 40s0 46w0 49s02,018,0142,52
62Simonis,Dorian Georg0 48s0 57w½ 44s0 54s½ 49w0 65w1 43s02,017,0134,01
63Schiller,Markus0 59w0 38s0 65w1 61s0 60w0 -1 50s02,015,5134,02
64Rathmann,Madlen0 53s0 61w0 -1 50s0 48w0 55s0 57w01,017,5126,51
65Glatzel,Julia0 21s0 56w0 63s0 57w0 -1 62s0 54w01,016,0128,01
66Kuanysh,Alisher0 39s- 42s- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,017,549,50

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Wtg2: Summe Buchholzwertungen variabel
Wtg3: Die größere Anzahl von Siegen (variabel)